Transforming Kenya through Starlink

Welcome to the era of True Satellite Broadband Internet!


Speeds of Up to 250 Mbps


Speeds of Up to 35 Mbps

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Fast Tracking The Connectivity Pillar To Transform Lives

As the Authorized Reseller for Starlink in Africa, we’re providing a plug and play solution aided by SpaceX huge satellite installation in the lower earth orbit that provides connectivity to the most remote areas of the continent.

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Our Solution

We not only provide connectivity but we also provide solutions embedded in our network to ensure transformation of lives

Higher Reliability

With a higher gain antenna, additional throughput allocation and better extreme weather performance making it ideal for rural & remote locations.

Higher Speed, Low Latency

With network priority, upto 125+ users can expect download speeds of upto 250 Mbps, upload upto 35 Mbps & latency of 25-50 ms.

Easy Setup & Local Support

Your High Performance Kit arrives with everything you need to get online – Starlink, power supply, wall mount, WiFi router, cables & base while enjoying 24/7, prioritized local support.

In Motion Global Connectivity

The hardware is designed for permanent installation on your vehicle and is resilient in harsh environments.

Ideal for mobile businesses and public sector use cases, including trucking, buses, shuttles and emergency response.

STARLINK & karibu connect partnership

Starlink Authorised Reseller

Starlink will provide our customers with a world-class satellite internet experience that has never been available before across the most remote places in Africa under the arm of Karibu Connect.

“What Our customers say”

James Oloibon

Tour Operator

My job requires me to venture deep into the parks tracking lions & cheetahs, where we have little to no connection to the internet. With Karibu Connect, that’s sorted with the starlink device on my tour van.

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Karibu connect technicians will do a quick site survey and install the device on the best location while offering regular  maintenance and a direct line to our 24/7 local customer support.

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We also offer other services like activating public Wi-Fi, data management plans, billing solution for areas where we need to monetize the network and much more. 

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